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Join the new Monthly Webinar

There is a webinar linkup on the 1st (Sunday of each month USA 5PM Pacific time) Monday at 12 midday Australia time. 

To register please go to:


Due to many requests and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the January 3rd Webtalk Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak's Anniversary Webtalk is now available to view online. You can find it on the website at:


My Spiritual Philosophy and Study Groups


I am the Sydney facilitator for The Academy For Future Science and hold beautiful study groups which include meditation and activate planetary and self-healing through music, visual tools, prayer, Divine names, mantras and lessons through the enlightened teaching 'The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch' bought to us by the author and master Dr J.J. Hurtak. I have attended many of his lectures over these three decades and am privileged to have spoken to and received many answers to my never ending questions from both Dr. J.J and his wife Dr. Desiree Hurtak. These two humanatarians travel the globe in the quest for planetary peace, sustainable energies, planetary sciences, climate change, archaeology, space exploration and truths. They have worked with many governments and the United Nations to tirelessly bring about change for the greater good since 1973.


The principal goal of the Academy is to provide all people with educational and scientific tools that will help them meet lifes resulting challenges. For deeper spiritual thought, visit the Academy's

Keys of Enoch® site or visit


Must reads!

 "The End of Suffering- Fearless living in troubled times or how to get out of hell free" Dr J.J. Hurtak and Russell Targ;  speak about our thinking being black and white, that things are either true or untrue as we think in terms of polarities and they accompany suffering. Buddha teaches us the middle path " that things may be neither true nor not true or both true and untrue". Change your perception forever and make sense of how locked into dualism we are and how to rid those century long chains of judgement and attachment to cherished outcomes.


Explore these ideas with me by attending group meetings and meditation and connection to your higher self and Divinity.


Videos to watch this month

The human baby is made up of 80% water and an adult 70%. What does this mean for  us with regards to meditation and the changes in the bodies water molecules? This link takes you to the late Dr Masaru Emoto discovery. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness and how vibration can change water and thus us bringing about positive health change









 Water drops under the microscope when these words were uttered

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